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What is Bitradeo?

Bitradeo makes it possible for small investors to participate in arbitrage trading and earn more profits than they would be able to make if they tried it on their own. Our automated arbitrage trading platform is constantly monitoring hundreds of markets to find the best arbitrage opportunities.

What should I do to register on your website?

You need to input your valid email and create a password. Then you will receive a confirmation letter on your email.

How Can I Start Earning?

On the "Auto-Trade" page you can find a list of updated arbitrage opportunities. Choose one opportunity and select the amount you want to trade. Everything else is automated, just wait for the end of the operation to receive the return of your investment into your wallet.

How long it take to perform an auto-trade?

The approximate time necessary to carry out the operation depends on the difficulty of deposit and withdraw for the different exchanges, as well as the time necessary to exchange fiat currency. Some Arbitrage opportunities are completed after few days, while other may take some weeks.

What happens if prices change suddenly?

Cryptocurrencies price fluctuate constantly and a sudden change in one of the markets can make the operation no longer profitable. If this happens in the middle of a trade, our system will stop the operation and return the initial amount.

How much are the platform fees

Our service fee is 20% of the profits of an arbitrage trade. You can check the service fee of each arbitrage opportunity on the "Auto-Trade" page. Please notice that the ROI value shown next to each arbitrage opportunity already includes the service fee. A 0.5% fee is deducted from any withdrawal to cover transaction costs.

How the Affiliate Program works? will pay you a set commission for any leads that you send through your sites/banners/links/etc. Whenever a user registers via your affiliate link and starts an auto-trade, you will earn a percentage as a commission. Affiliate program consists of 3 levels, so you also get comissions from the users attracted by your referrals.